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Congresswoman Lofgren Visits San Benito Health Foundation 

San Benito Health Foundation was pleased to have Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren visit the health center this week. Congress has partnered with Community Health Centers (CHC’s) for over 50 years and their support is crucial for CHC’s to continue to serve as health care homes. Long-term, stable funding for CHC’s will ensure we can keep our doors open and close the growing access gap for medically vulnerable communities. SBHF is grateful that Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren came to see our clinic in action and has shown leadership in supporting legislation that will protect health centers from losing a major part of our funding.

Her visit is timely with the upcoming National Health Center Week (August 6th through August 12th). National Health Center Week is a decades-old, annual celebration recognizing the innovative, quality care provided by CHC’s nationwide. In addition to our long history as health care homes for over 30 million patients in the last year alone, CHC’s are proud to celebrate over 50 years of service and continue to be ranked among the nation's highest quality and cost-effective care providers.

San Benito Health Foundation is proud to be serving as the Community Health Center for San Benito County, providing services to all people, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay.

Photo: Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren with Board member, Victoria Montoya and SBHF’s President/CEO, Rosa Vivian Fernandez (R to L).


San Benito Health Foundation Press Release

For Immediate Release Contact: Rosa Vivian Fernandez, MPH, FACHE; CEO & President of SBHF


Jorge Terrones, Director of Operations

(jterrones@sanbenitohealth.org) 831-902-8883

“Feeding the Frontline: National Health Center Week Event”

A Food Distribution Event to Support San Benito County Families During These Challenging Times

JULY 21, 2023

On Wednesday, August 9th, 2023, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, the San Benito Health Foundation will be hosting a “Feeding the Frontline” drive-through event at its location, 351 Felice Drive, in Hollister, CA.

The “Feeding the Frontline: National Health Center Week Event” is an initiative of the San Benito Health Foundation to celebrate the 2023 National Health Center Week. National Health Center Week is a decades-old, annual celebration recognizing the innovative, quality care provided by Community Health Centers nationwide. Congress has partnered with health centers for over 50 years. This year’s theme: “Community Health Centers: The Roadmap for a Stronger America” highlights Community Health Centers' essential role in our state and local communities – in providing access to care for our neighbors, creating good jobs, and generating revenue.

SBHF wants to support our local Latino families and agricultural industry workers and all families who may be in need around San Benito County during these challenging times. We plan to serve 800 people at this Food Distribution Drive Thru event. San Benito Health Foundation is dedicated to continuing the expansion in health and social services for this underserved population.

Partnering with local organizations and businesses that honor the same vision as the San Benito Health Foundation, helps make it possible to reach our goal of supporting families within the community.

These partners include Community Foodbank of San Benito County, El Teatro Campesino, Hollister Super, Martha’s Kitchen, and the Rotary Club of San Juan Bautista.

The San Benito Health Foundation is a Community Health Center providing Medical, Dental, Vision, Behavioral Health, and WIC services for underserved populations in San Benito County and surrounding areas since 1975. Our facility is located at 351 Felice Drive, Hollister CA 95023.


For more information or questions, please contact Jorge Terrones at (831) 902-8883 or email jterrones@sanbenitohealth.org


San Benito Health Foundation Congratulates Jorge Terrones 

This summer, SBHF’s Director of Operations, Jorge Terrones, will be one of the 60 participants selected for the 2023 UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program. This Health Care Executive Program is a unique and intensive course that builds leadership and management skills of executives and leaders of community health centers and other community-based organizations that are devoted to expanding the quality and quantity of care, treatment and support delivered to underserved and vulnerable populations nationwide. SBHF is proud of you, Jorge! We look forward to what you will bring back to improve and expand our community health center.

"I am very excited and grateful for the acceptance to UCLA / Johnson & Johnson Health Care Excecutive Program. This program will allow me to continue my growth in the healthcare field. Through this excecutive program, I seek to expand my understanding and capacity to lead, inspire and innovate in the dynamic landscape of healthcare." --Jorge Terrones 


Accolades for San Benito Health Foundation at NACHC’s Agricultural Worker Health Conference

SBHF President & CEO, Rosa Vivian Fernandez, and Board Members, Victoria Montoya, Bonita Villalobos-Rivera and Arcadio Viveros are attending this year’s National Conference for Agricultural Worker Health in Seattle, Washington. It’s special this year because Victoria has been selected as Outstanding Board Member and Arcadio has been chosen as the Artist for the commemorative art that will be auctioned off for scholarships to children of agricultural workers. We are proud and honored for these accolades. Congratulations, Victoria Montoya for receiving NACHC’s Outstanding Migrant Health Center Board Member Award! SBHF is grateful and honored to have you as a Board Member for over 18 years. You have always been a voice and advocate for migrant families in our community. You truly are outstanding, Vicki!

Congratulations, Arcardio Viveros, for being chosen as the artist for this year’s commemorative art at NACHC’s Conference for Agricultural Worker Health! Arcadio’s art piece, “La Virgen Campesina” or Farmworker Woman honors the farmworker women. “I wanted to present an allegorical representation of the farmworker woman-- that beyond all her suffering, there is a mystical air about her, she appears graceful, positive, jubilant, happy, thankful, with a true sense of gratitude. Although giving us so much personal sacrifice, and hard work, she is now offering the fruits of her labor, splendidly, so we can enjoy life.” 


Congratulations to Mr. Ken Williams on his 15th Anniversary! 

Happy work anniversary to a very talented Senior Accountant.

SBHF thanks you for your dedication and excellence. 


San Benito Health Foundation leader Rosa Vivian Fernández Badillo, MPH, FACHE, CEC addresses health and equity 

More than 25 people gathered at the San Benito Health Foundation on April 6 for Monterey Bay Economic Partnership’s (MBEP) leadership breakfast featuring Rosa Vivian Fernandez, who spoke on health, housing and San Benito County’s role in advocating for funding. 

Click here to read the full story. 


Rosa Vivian Fernández Badillo, MPH, FACHE, CEC President and CEO of San Benito Health Foundation Visits Congresswoman Zoe Lofgre in Washington DC 

Visiting our Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren during National Community Health Center Policies & Issues Forum in Washington DC. Congresswoman Lofgren was recognized as a Community Health Center Advocate by the California Primary Care Association for all her years of dedication as a champion for equitable access to healthcare for all community health centers. We look forward to her future visit to SBHF.

Award presented by Rosa Vivian Fernandez, CEO of San Benito Health Foundation, a community health center located in San Benito County, California, and Isaias Iñiguez from the California Primary Care Association.


San Benito County Board Of Supervisors Declares August 7-13, 2022 National Health Center Week in San Benito County

Click on image to see the declaration.


San Benito County Board Of Supervisors Declares August 9, 2022 Agricultural Worker Health Day in San Benito County

Click on image to see the declaration.


City of San Juan Bautista is celebrating 150 years
as incorporated city.

Join the SJB150 Celebration! ALL YEAR!


San Benito Health Foundation Receives the HEALTH CENTER QUALITY LEADER AWARD for the second year in a row.

These awards recognize the highest performing health centers nationwide as well as those health centers that have made significant quality improvement gains from the previous year As a Health Center Quality Leader, San Benito Health Foundation achieved the best overall clinical performance among all health centers, placing in the top 30% of the adjusted quartile rankings for clinical quality measures.


Dr. Nazhat Sharma Receives Honorary Doctorate Award

On April 3, 2019 Dr. Nazhat Sharma had received honorary doctorates with the Claustro Doctoral Honoris Causa program. This Award is given to men and women that with their leadership and human quality have made their community a healthier place to live. San Benito Health Foundation would like to congratulate Dr. Sharma for her effort, dedication and commitment to the community.


San Juan Bautista Festival of Lights Parade

On 12/03/2016 SBHF participated with the mobile clinic in the San Juan Bautista Festival of Lights Parade. Those featured in the photos are Guadalupe Ortega, Carina Velasco, and Taylor Gann.


Teaching Garden:

A new garden marks the beginning of spring here at San Benito Health Foundation and complements our plans for outdoor nutrition education this summer. Whether teaching preschool-aged WIC participants to identify the plants they eat, sampling healthy recipes with our chronic patients, or engaging children during our summer feeding program, the garden is a great adjunct to San Benito Health Foundation’s initiatives for comprehensive health and wellness.


Leah Lucinda Rosa Vivian

San Benito Health Foundation celebrated National Health Center Week, National Farm Worker Health Day and World Breastfeeding Week with the community of San Benito County.


Leah Lucinda Rosa Vivian
New Bus Stop Inaugurated

A new bus stop has been inaugurated on Felice Drive offering our patients better access to our facilities. We are delighted with the new addition and what it means for the people of our community. We thank all of the people and organizations that made this new bus stop a reality.

Pictured from left to right:
Rosa Vivian Fernandez, MPH, President & CEO of SBHF -
Ignacio Velazquez, Mayor - Victoria Montoya, SBHF Board Member - Jaime De La Cruz, San Benito County Board of Supervisor - Esperanza Walters, SBHF Board Member, Vice-Chair - Robert Scattini, Hollister City Council Member - Ray Espinosa, County Administrative Officer


Leah Lucinda Rosa Vivian
University of California Berkeley School of Public Health Alumni Brunch

In the picture is Leah Groppo, Registered Dietitian/PWPC, Lucinda Brannon Brazile, MPH, Director of Special Projects Lifelong Medical Care, Rosa Vivian Fernandez, MPH, President & CEO San Benito Health Foundations. Also in attendance representing San Benito Health Foundation: Angelica Rojas, Health Educator and Roy Prado.