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Mission Statement:

The mission of San Benito Health Foundation is to provide quality, affordable and comprehensive health services to the community of San Benito County and surrounding areas in a manner that is accountable to the community, while being respectful, empathetic and culturally sensitive to our clients.


Vision Statement:

Our vision is for a safe and healthy San Benito County where health disparities do not exist, and people have access to care and the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices.

The San Benito Health Foundation is a leader among alliances and partnerships that foster a climate of thoughtful change and create solutions that support a safe and healthy community.


Our Values:

Teamwork – We support one another and work together, valuing the worth that people, as individuals, bring to the organization.

Integrity – We will demonstrate honest, positive, ethical behavior in dealing with our patients, physicians, employees, and community.

Compassion – We believe that each person is unique and treat everyone with respect. We show sympathy and concern for those in distress, responding kindly and sensitively.

Community – We value our community’s well-being and will contribute to our community’s progress.

Quality Services – We take pride in our work and develop our talents, skills and abilities in order to benefit the patient and contribute to the overall environment of our workplace.

Financial Responsibility – As a community resource, we understand that we are accountable to our community and we are responsible for controlling costs and protecting our financial viability.

Innovation – We develop new services and ways to provide those services in order to meet our community’s needs. We welcome new insights, new techniques and new ideas, fostering a climate of thoughtful change.